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T3K Wear

T3K Wear

Designed for the Individual

  COOL PLAY: Designed for conditions where an extra base layer of protection adds warmth and the edge needed for peak performance in cooler weather and climates.
  WARM PLAY: Featuring single layer moisture management technology, Warm Play is ideal for the warmer to hot days when staying cool is key to achieving full enjoyment and top performance levels.
  COMFORT PLAY: Sporting a generous cut specifically engineered for ease of movement, Comfort Play is well suited for conditions of cool to warm temperatures and can be utilized in a wide variety of fitness, training, all sports endeavors, or casual lifestyle.

  Moisture Management: Basic polyester and spandex moisture management technology disperses perspiration, evaporating moisture quicker than conventional cotton.

  Antimicrobial Protection: Maximum odor control from sweat and perspiration promotes better hygiene.
  Flat Lock Smooth Seam Stitching: Product contains more stitches per inch and smooth seams for greater comfort.
  Loose Fit: Product offers casual comfort through a generous cut.
  Fitted: Specifically designed to provide the right balance of fit, while not being restrictive or compressive.
  Compression: Product allows wearer to feel a sense of increased mobility, while compressing muscles slightly and delivering that extra measure of safety in the prevention of some muscle pulls.



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